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Stage Combat

Come join Amie Root at the following workshops, productions and events!

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Society of American Fight Director's:

Skills Proficiency Test

Certified Teacher

A Skills Proficiency Test (SPT) with the SAFD requires 30 hours of stage combat training in one of the 8 SAFD theatrical weapons styles with a Certified Teacher ending in an adjudication of skills aquired by a ranked Fight Master in the SAFD organization. Amie Root often travels and teaches SPT courses at universities and for theatre organizations across the country. She does this as a guest lecturer, adjunct faculty, independent contractor. If you are interested in providing this type of training for your students or actors please reach out even if you are under-funded. There are programs available.

CSU Summer Arts

Lead Instructor

Amie Root can often be found teaching for California State University - Summer Arts. A two week accredited summer arts program in July. Keep an eye out on their website for your next opportunity to join her!

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Central Illinois Stage Combat Workshop - Teacher Trainer

Coordinator/Founder &

Amie Root founded and coordinates the Central IL Stage Combat Workshop - Teacher Trainer (CISCOTT) hosted by Western IL University. At CISCOTT stage combat professionals from across the nation and organizations can apply to come and train for two weeks to be a more proficient stage combat instructor.

Unto These Hills - Cherokee, NC

Fight Director &
Certified Teacher

Amie Root is the resident Fight Director for Unto These Hills outdoor drama in Cherokee, NC. Additionally, she teaches multiple stage combat "SAFD Skills Proficiency Test" courses to the company members during the season. Check out the link below to find audition information as well as opportunities to see the show!

(Photo by The Creative Raven)

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Texas Intesive Stage Combat Workshop

Associate Instructor Coordinator &
Certified Teacher

Amie Root is the Coordinator of the Associate Instructor Training Program at the Texas Intensive Stage Combat Workshop, as well as an instructor of their weekend pedagogy intensive. TXi is hosted by the University of Houston - Downtown Campus. Follow the link below for more information on how to attend!

Society of American Fight Directors

Certified Teacher

For more information on what the SAFD is and other training opportunites with the organization go to their website via the link below. If you would like Amie to come to your university and teach a Skills Proficiency Test course to your students please contact her today. Has sword will travel.

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