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Works by Amie Root

You can also find Amie on New Play Exchange

As a queer playwright, Amie attempts to centralize stories of queerness, womanhood, and adventure. Often, her plays use comedy to reveal small truths about the humanity that connects us all.

A Pirate's Life for She

A Gay Pirate Adventure Play with Music.
Cast size 11 w/doubling  (2f, 2m, 7 fluid)

Reeling from loss and betrayal, Pirate Queen Anne Bonny is on a quest to reclaim her precious ship, the Crimson Banshee, from bounty hunter and scourge-of-the-earth Barnet. Accompanying Anne are her girlfriend and first mate Mary Read; resident stylist and best friend Pierre the Pansy; a shanty-singing pirate crew; and a young man with a quest of his own - to rescue his dear Petunia. See this entourage of scallywags band together as they seek treasure, companionship, and revenge.

Full script available on New Play Exchange-

Demo tracks can be found on the home page.

Screenshot 2022-08-25 005932.png

kEgal Games

A National Video Game Championship.
Cast size 8  (5f, 1m, 1trans-f, 1nb)

Welcome to the 5th annual Kegel Games: National Video Game Championship sponsored by Playtex Sport, “Play Without Limits”. Five incredible athletes will battle to be crowned Kegel Games champion televised for the world to see with a live studio audience. You! Explore women's health issues, relationships, and competitive natures in this quick comedy.

The Habit

The habit you just can't quit.
Cast size 3   (2f, 1fluid)

A ten-minute slam poetry movement piece about a woman trying to reconcile her queerness with a nasty habit she just can't quit. The church.

Rainbow Church.png

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